Brown composite panels connected onto metal frame with screws

Pay Attention To

Environment! INTERIOR or EXTERIOR?

Is the screw DRILLING CAPACITY suitable for your need?

Is the screw LENGTH enough for your fixture.

Is the COLOR important?

Suitable Fasteners

ScrewTIMco Composite Panel Roofing Screw
For MaterialsTo Attach Composite Panels to Light Section Steel
Max Drilling Thickness for Steel5.0 mm
EnvironmentExterior (3)*

- urban and industrial areas with a low salt atmosphere
Salt Spray Resistance1,000 hrs
Drive TypeHexagon Head

- receives a high torque.
- firm drive
- extended bit life
HeadHexogan Head With 12 mm Fixed Washer
Rubber Washer16 mm EPDM Rubber Washer
TorqueHigh Torque
Reverse Thread
PointSelf-Drilling Point

- doesn't require pre-drilled hole
CE or Standard
FinishSilver Ruspert Coating
Self-Drilling Point

- doesn't require pre-drilled hole

* – Information from the manufacturer