House interior walls metal frame to present metal framing with screws

Pay Attention To

Environment! INTERIOR or EXTERIOR?

Is the screw DRILLING CAPACITY suitable for your need?

Is the screw LENGTH enough for your fixture?

Is the COLOR important?

Suitable Fasteners

ScrewTIMco Self-drill Wafer Head Screw

For MaterialsSheet Metal to Sheet Metal
Max Drilling Thickness for Steel2.5 mm
EnvironmentInterior (1)*

- clean, dry and low humidity environments

Exterior (3)*

- urban and industrial areas with a low salt atmosphere
Salt Spray Resistance- / 500 hrs
Drive TypePhillips Drive

- receives a medium torque
- tool can cam out at high torque
- easy to strip the heads
HeadWafer Head
Rubber Washer-
TorqueMedium Torque
Reverse Thread-
PointSelf-Drilling Point

- doesn't require pre-drilled hole
CE or Standard
FinishZinc / Silver Ruspert Coating
Self-Drilling Point

- doesn't require pre-drilled hole

* – Information from the manufacturer