Pay Attention To


– Some fixtures are not suitable for countersunk heads, because of the risk of pulling heads through. For example, thin sheet metal.

– If countersunk heads are used with solid material, they need pre-drilled phases / countersunk holes.


– Countersunk heads leave a flat and smooth surface after installation.

– Round Top, Hex and other similar heads stay on top of surface and are visible to the eye.


– Countersunk heads are smaller and they are easier to pull through fixed material. It is important in load-bearing connections.

– Large bearing surface provides better holding strength.


– Countersunk heads are less visible to the eye than other heads.

Most Common Head Styles

Rounded Top Heads

Used, when flat surface is not required after installation

Internally driven

Typically used with solid materials, such as metal

Round Head

Round head screw style example The oldest design

Becoming less common

Pan Head

Pan head screw example

Less rounded than Round Head

Common type

Button Head

Button head style screw example

More rounded than Pan Head and less rounded than Rounded Read

Truss Head

Truss head screw example

Provides large bearing surface with low profile

Good holding strength

Modified Truss Head

Modified truss head screw example

Provides extra large bearing surface with low profile

Better holding strength than Truss Head


Countersunk Heads

Used, when flat, smooth surface is required after installation

Internally driven

Typically used with soft materials, such as wood

For solid material such as metal, needs pre-drilled phases / countersunk holes.

Flat Head

Countersunk flat head style screw example

Common on wood screws

Bugle Head

countersunk bugle head screw example

Primarily used in drywall and wood decing

Oval Head

Countersunk oval head style screw example

 Design includes a decorative rounded top

Flat Head

With Stripes

Countersunk flat head with stripes screw example

Common on wood screws

Nibs under head allow screw to countersink better for a smooth finish

Other Heads

Hex Head

Hex head screw style example

Hex heads are driven with the driver’s force against outside of the head

Common in bolts

Allow high torque

Square Head

Square head screw example

Square heads are driven with the driver’s force against outside of the head

Socket Cap

Socket cap head screw example

Heads are often installed flush with surrounding materials

Needs counterbored holes when installed flush with surrounding